Special Pick-Up

  • Bulk pick up is on any of your trash pick up days; one free bulk item a month. Bulk items are anything that does not fit in your trashcan and is less then 100 pounds. A bulk item can be a couch, table, washer, kitchen table etc. Please call the office and notify us when you have a bulk item so we can advise the drivers.
  • Mattresses, sleeper sofa, recliners, and anything with Freon has a fee please call for prices.
  • Televisions and computers: by law a disposal company cannot dispose of them.
  • We do not accept construction debris, wood, cement, dirt, or anything hazardous with residential service. We can accommodate those requests with our Roll-Off Service.
  • Leaf pick up days are on your normal trash pick up days in brown paper yard waste bags.
  • Christmas trees are picked up on your normal trash days if your township does not have pick up days.
  • Inclement weather: our drivers are out in all weather so please shovel around trash and recycle bins.